Maintenance & Plumbing Services


Blockages in Toilets, Drains waste pipes, stormwater pipes, showers, vanity basins & kitchen sinks.

Bathroom Rough-in & Fit Off

We can rough in all your new pipework and wastes ready for fit off stage. Only use high-quality fitting and pipework to ensure superior job quality and a job that will last.

Undetected Water Leaks & Water Usage Reduction

Is your water bill excessively high? Are you unsure why? Give us a call for a water usage and leak assessment. We can conduct an inspection of your property to see if you have leaks that you may be unaware of. We can also recommend improvement areas within your property to reduce your water usage. We can locate and repair any water leaks that your system may have. Even if you are unable to pinpoint the location of the leak we are experts in finding and repairing these leaks.

Reducing your water usage and eliminating leaks is great for reducing your water bill and also plays an important part in sustaining our precious water reserves.


Replacement of existing drainage pipework including sewer pipe work. We can locate any broken sections of sewer pipes and repair the broken sections. Depending on the condition of the pipework we can also replace the entire line if required.

Hot Water Services

Is your hot water system not performing like it should? We are able to fault find, repair or replace your hot water system.

Does your hot water system comply with the current Australian standards? Having an old hot water system that no longer complies with Australian standards could be a risk to you and your family’s safety. It can also lead to expensive power bills through excessive energy usage.

At Lewie Loo’s we can Removal and replace your existing hot water units with a brand new electric hot water unit. We can also conduct fault diagnosis and repairs on your existing unit.

Solar Hot Water Systems

If need a new hot water system but are unsure about solar hot water systems and if they are worth the extra investment. Then give the team at Lewie Loo's plumbing a call. We specialise in the installation of high-quality Sun Rain split system Hot water units and roof mounted hot water units.

For more information see our specific page regarding solar hot water.

Toilet Maintenance

Removal and replacement of toilet inlet valves, drop valves, rubbers and any other general maintenance required to prevent water wastage and keep your toilet functioning correctly.

Tap Maintenance

We can service all your existing taps to stop leaks or vibrations. At Lewie Loo’s we only use quality washers and O-rings to ensure our repairs are to the highest standard and that you get value for money.

Tap Replacement & New Tap Installation

We can install new basin taps, shower taps, kitchen taps, garden taps or replace any of your existing taps.

We can also change your taps to different styles for you such as ceramic washers for full on and off in a quarter of a turn of your tap.